Docker on Windows “Unable to share drive” error

I just spent about half a day on this, so here’s a note that hopefully will be easier to find than wading through the troubleshooting pages and issues were for me.

I have a work account which was set up through their Microsoft account, so my credentials look like “AzureAD\LukeToop”. This failed when used in the Docker settings, and would also fail when using ‘net use’ or ‘net share’ commands in powershell.

I had local admin on the computer, but there didn’t seem to be a way to get my credentials to work for the Docker mount command

The suggestion which finally worked for me was to

  1. create a new ‘docker’ user, local to the machine
  2. upgrade the account to admin
  3. Use that account, “\<machine-name>\docker”
  4. Wild success!

I had also done a lot of the factory resets and so on.

I would have given up, except that I needed shared drives for AWS SAM to work :/


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