Cooking by components

So I got into cooking, especially some of the molecular gastronomy resources – I can highly recommend the Modernist Cuisine app and books (PDFs from online sources at least), Kenji Lopez-Alt has some great write ups, the sous-vide subreddit, a bunch of places.

So my take on cooking is more modular and structural than it used to be. Rach and I make dishes that have a lot of different ideas, locked up in a specific configuration by a blogger or a cookbook writer – we have made over 20 vegetarian lasagnas, with a lot of different takes on the white sauce (a variety of Bechamel instructions to layers of ricotta cheese) the lasagne sheets (handmade noodles to sliced zucchini) and sauces from tomato to roast pumpkin.

I’m going to use posts on here to capture the best component recipes I find, ready for mixing and remixing in our own recipes. It’ll be like a public version of our shared Evernote collection!

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